Florida’s Randy Ross to Present “Grassroots Wins Elections” in Silicon Valley Sunday

SILICON VALLEY, Ca. (FNN NEWS) – Following a trend seen in the past year, a group of conservatives not affiliated with the California Republican Party are meeting this Sunday to map a grassroots strategy to counter the Democratic Party domination of politics in California.

Activist Kathryn (Kat) Knowles organized the event, which will happen in San Carlos. Knowles expressed frustration for “people who want to make a difference and will not accept defeat, [like] what has occurred in recent years.” To buck this trend, Knowles has brought grassroots activist Randy Ross from Florida to address the gathering.

In 2016, Ross was the campaign chairman in Orange County, Florida for the Donald Trump campaign. Many agree that carrying this critical area was an important element in winning the state for Donald Trump. His grassroots approach includes fearless fundraising, minority outreach, community organizing, and firing up the team to achieve victory.

Knowles wants to see this type of spirit extend to California where the Republican Party has floundered in recent years. Ross currently sits on the 2020 Trump/Victory campaign finance re-election team. Knoles desires to “help establish common goals of furthering
conservative values.”

Knoles added, “This frustration with establishment political leadership has found its way all over the state.” Jack Frost’s Small Biz Ca. organization has been espousing similar ideas to create grassroots leadership to promote conservative values in the Golden State. Others including Winston Chin’s Bay Area Conservatives and the Election Integrity Project in Ventura are all pointing in the same direction of compensating for apparently weak leadership in the California State GOP.

Sunday’s program also features Anita Anderson from Sonoma County, publisher Terri Wilde of the Silicon Valley Conservative Newspaper, voter registration organizer Anna Krammer, and minority recruiter Linda Rost. They will all try to communicate their efforts to raise the profile of conservative principles in California politics.

In addition, Free Write Editor-in-Chief Edward Shturman, a High School fellow at Stanford University, will speak about educating young people with alternative views to what they receive by predominantly progressive educators in the public schools.


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