House Public Integrity and Election Committee Hears Sen. Marco Rubio’s Chinese Interference Update

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FNN) – The House Public Integrity and Election Committee met and received an update on Chinese interference from US Senator Marco Rubio back on February 15, 2021.

Senator Rubio said that Chinese interference is “unlike any counter-intelligence threat we have ever faced.” He went on to say that China feels they have the right to be the predominant power and that they see the United States as a declining power, especially after recent events such as the attack on the Capitol.

Senator Rubio stated that China is doing three things with the goal of supreme power in mind: They are rapidly expanding their military; influencing International Organizations through bribery, and just showing up; and building up their Navy in order to control ports, etc.

China also wants to lead the world in technology, and they try to do that in three ways:

  1. Steal Research for US companies
  2. Embed students in University research programs
  3. Pay researchers to give them the research data

China also tries to influence American students to follow China’s narrative in order to get them to give up vital information.

Senator Rubio said that China will target local governments and try to create relationships with future leaders/policymakers. They will also bid on local and state infrastructure projects. China can undercut any company and can put other companies out of business by doing so; that then makes the Chinese companies the dominant companies in those areas.

After Senator Rubio’s presentation, the Committee Chairperson, Representative Erin Grail, reminded the committee of the discussions that the committee had on this subject in 2020 and said that they would be getting updates on this topic as they move forward in their discussions.


Lynn DeJarnette is a reporter for Florida National News. |

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